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Suffering with sleeplessness will only increase your exhaustion

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Sleep eluding you? Suffering with sleeplessness after a tiring day will only increase your exhaustion. And the answer to your predicament lies within you.

Let us first understand how bodies respond to a signal of weariness. As light levels decrease naturally during evenings, the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus, (SCN), signal the pineal glands to secrete melatonin. This secretion causes us to respond by the induction of a natural drowsiness in our bodies.

When this secretion faces a hindrance, it is time to look for supplements to step into the picture.

In cases where occurrence of insomnia is in its initial stages, it is best to resort to natural, organic solutions. Restructuring one’s diet by including food items like walnuts, oranges, tarts, cherries, etc., is one manner in which natural melatonin levels can be increased. Also, following a well curated routine for daily activities helps secure better rest at night.

However in cases of slightly prolonged insomnia, slight assistance from exogenous supplements helps. One must also exercise due care on certain factors.

Points of consideration while using artificial supplements are

  • Dosage of the supplement.
  • Source of procurement of the supplement.

While dosage is supervised under proper medical care, it is the source of melatonin that one needs to be careful of.

The classification of supplements based on their constituents is as follows

  • Pharmaceutical grade– The purity standard herein stands at 97.5%. Derived using processes that mirror the physiological generation of melatonin, this grade of supplements is the safest for consumption.
  • Food grade– Supplements of this grade contain added fillers synthesized from animal pineal. Since the synthetic content is within permissible limits, this supplement grade is fairly safe for human consumption.
  • Feed grade– This grade is comprised of the maximum number of fillers. Also, amounts of the fillers vary from capsule to capsule, thus making it unsafe for being used as a supplement.

Buying Melatonin supplements

In the USA melatonin supplements is widely available in drug stores, online retailers. However in Europe most countries prohibit you to buy melatonin the supplements.

Hence, while you think of using melatonin supplements to aid your slumber, take a few other factors into consideration as well.

Since, precaution denotes prudence, especially in cases where one requires medical attention.

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