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Melatonin and sleep disorders

By differentiating the amount of exposure to light and darkness, there is a chance to abruptly change the cycle of sleep and wakefulness. It has been shown that these changes vary the levels of melatonin produced.

There have been many studies on the effect of melatonin on sleep, with the desire to treat disorders related to sleep.

Not many products have been manufactured that do not have a hangover effect or make us feel tired in the morning, and melatonin may be the answer.

Sleep studies

Many older people have sleep disorders whether they are healthy or emfermizos (Garfinkel, Laudon, Nof, & Zisapel, 1995). Garfinkel, Lauden, Nof and Zisapel (1995) conducted a randomized study, in which they regulated the sleep quality of 12 elderly people.

melatonin and sleep studies
melatonin and sleep studies

The melatonin used in the study was melatonin-release controlled. Some of the participants were given 2 mg of melatonin for three weeks, and others were given a placebo for three weeks.

There was a great improvement in the sleep of those who took melatonin, compared to those who took the placebo: the time it took the subjects to fall asleep was drastically reduced, and the time it took them to wake up was also significantly shorter.

All subjects were found in advance for having a melatonin starka receptfria sömntabletter deficiency. And with the extra grams of melatonin, they slept through the night quite efficiently. In this study, researchers have been led to believe that substituting melatonin in the elderly could increase their sleep capacity.

No significant side effects were observed. Older people with sleeping problems should take into account the benefits of melatonin.

Children with severe sleep disorders

J.E. Jan and other researchers (1994) conducted a study on sleep disorders in children with severe sleep disorders.

Most of the subjects were disabled and melatonin was their last hope of giving themselves and their families some rest. The fifteen subjects were given 2 to 5 mg or placebo at bedtime for seven to ten days;

This was a random study, where melatonin had a positive effect on most children.

The phase adjustment action of melatonin seemed to achieve the desired effects:

Some responded after the first dose, and most saw the results after the third dose. There were no observed side effects, the subjects had no effect of the hangover. The researchers found that it improved the mood in children. Melatonin has a positive role in relieving chronic sleep disorders.


The facts speak for themselves in that the natural sleep aid melatonin has been proven to help patients fall asleep when they have been suffering from insomnia caused by low melatonin levels.

If you suffer from insomnia and wish to try melatonin to help you sleep there are many websites online to buy melatonin and these companies usually offer worldwide delivery at a minimal cost.

We would recommend you seek medial advice though before trying any melatonin brand.

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