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Do you want to sport that glamorous tanned look your icon has?

melatonin uk

Do you want to sport that glamorous tanned look your icon has? Looking for ways to get the best sunless tanning treatment in an affordable way? Well, with Melatonin UK by your side, availing the perfect tan is very reasonable these days. These products ensure that you have the perfect tanned body without burning a hole in your pockets. Further, this treatment ensures that you are safe from any fatal effects like skin cancer or other skin-induced diseases.

Prominence of Melatonin

In the past, tanning was not common among the fair- skinned people as it meant that a person had to spend most of his time working outdoors. However, with the turn of events, tanning has now been equated with health and wealth and using melatonin along with pure hemp oil stunning tans can be had.. It has now become fashionable among the fair skin toned people.

With recent technological innovations, you can now avail sunless tanning treatments within the comforts of your home at the most affordable way. You can now avail various sunless tanning treatment products like sun tanning injections, lotions, sprays, etc. without worrying about the money factor. However, it is the Melatonin UK that has emerged to be the most popular pocket-friendly tanning treatment these days.

What is Melatonin?

The Melatonin is a tanning peptide which stimulates natural tan once it gets injected into the body. This peptide interacts with the existing melanin in your body by providing a darker tan complexion. Melanin is the human body’s natural pigment that determines the skin colour of a person.

Price of Melatonin

Starter Kits-

The Melatonin starter kit comprises of all necessary equipment which you need to get your treatment started. It consists of vials, alcohol wipes, needles and sterile water which needs to be reconstituted with the peptide before injecting. The below prices are for when you buy melatonin uk and prices in other countries might differ.

These starter kits are available at price ranges of-

  • 10mg- £99
  • 20mg- £46.99
  • 30mg- £69.99
  • 50mg-£114.99


The melatonin vials consist of the freeze-dried form of peptide which you need to restructure with sterile water before injecting. Once the peptide dissolves with sterile water, you can use it directly. You can buy these vials at-

  • 10mg- £19.99
  • 20mg- £38.99
  • 30mg- £56.99
  • 50mg- £92.99
  • 100mg- £144.99

A set of Melanotan II syringe of 10 ×BD 29G Ultrafine syringe cost £3.25.

In case of Melanotan II tanning injections, starter kits are:-

  • 10mg- £23.99
  • 20mg- £46.99
  • 30mg- £69.99
  • 50mg-£114.99

While administrative kits have the following price range:

  • 10mg- £4.50
  • 20mg- £9.00
  • 30 mg- £13.50

Why should you choose Melatonin?

Gone are those days when you had to shed your entire pocket money or savings to have a tanned skin. Unlike other tanning treatments, this sunless tanning treatment offers a tanning solution without causing any damages to your body. When you take melatonin and use melatonin it raises the alpha-melanocyte receptors of the body that enable the production of melanin in response to ultraviolet exposure.

The best part about this treatment is that you can have it within the comforts of your home. Thus you can be free from paying extra unnecessary money to a tanning salon or agency. Remember that the initial range of the dosage must be between 0.5 mg to 1 mg. You need to take this till the time you achieve your desired tan complexion. Once you reach that level, you can switch to the maintenance dosage where you need to take the injection once a week only.

Buying Melatonin for that tanned look

Melatonin supplements are shipped by online retailers in most parts of the world. These retailers even supply these treatment products to various shops, gyms, doctors, salons. You can even be fully assured about the stability of the product during shipment as there are experts who verify each of these products before delivering. However, once you get hold of your product, it is better to keep it in refrigerator to avoid any spoilage.

Getting that perfect tan without spending hours under the sun, has never been so easy. It’s time to get your Melatonin and turn your body into what you have always desired. Go get it now!

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