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Every hormone has a characteristic function to perform in the body

Melatonin and the human body

Every hormone has a characteristic function to perform in the body of an individual. One of these hormones does the task of regulating the biological clock, when signaled by the brain. While we term this signaling center as Suprachiasmatic Nucleus or SCN, the hormone secreting gland is called pineal gland.

And we call the hormone melatonin. Herein, another question arises. Does the natural sleep aid melatonin only regulate the body’s internal clock? Does it only help us to understand when it is time to rest? Is there no other function that this particular hormone performs?

Of course, yes! Apart from telling our bodies to rest, melatonin does have a whole lot of other functions to perform.

Though chiefly tasked with regulating the circadian rhythm, or biological clock, other functions of melatonin are as follows:


Melatonin is a strong natural antioxidant. It combines itself with negatively charged oxygen and nitrogen atoms, and prevents cell destruction. Its autooxidising properties also aid cell formation and acts as a barrier to check many diseases, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Prevention and treatment of cancer

Cancer patients are known to have lower levels of melatonin in their system. Research has proved that adding melatonin blocks cancerous growth by hindering receptors of estrogen, or the female reproductive hormone. Hence, this is a viable cure option for breast cancer.

Helps in checking diabetes

Another reason for the occurrence of diabetes, particularly in aged people, is the low melatonin secretion. Thus an optimal level of melatonin in the blood stream is one factor that helps you prevent diabetes.

A check on migraine

This is one of the lesser known benefits of melatonin. A very minimal dosage of 3mg helps to reduce utterly painful migraine attacks.

Prevention of heart attacks

A similar dose of migraine helps in combating heart attacks. Research has also shown that melatonin uk protects the cardiac tissues.

Medical professionals have always emphasized on the natural process of inducing melatonin regulation in the bloodstream. These natural methods include:

  • A healthy lifestyle, where activities are properly spaced during daytime and proper sleep during the night.
  • A balanced diet inclusive of bananas, tart cherries, radishes, ginger, tomato, etc.
  • Taking a warm bath before bedtime to relax.
  • Staying away from blue lights emanating from computer and TV screens.

Yet, there are signals which indicate that your body needs a supplement.

A few of these signs that indicate a faulty melatonin circulation are as follows:

  • Anxiety
  • Increased fatigue.
  • Elevated irritation.
  • Poor concentration.
  • Greater sensitivity to stress.

Here’s where a short-term usage of supplements can be helpful. Since your system only requires a resetting, a small dose will suffice. An overdose on the other hand, will do more harm than good.

Buying Melatonin supplements

In the USA and the UK you can buy melatonin aids in drug stores, online retailers. However in Europe most countries prohibit you to the supplements.

A steady supply of melatonin supplements is all that one requires for proper functioning of vital body components. Proper circulation of the hormone helps to improve brain health, heart health, and fertility as well.

These benefits of melatonin get enhanced when one follows a healthy lifestyle. So, stay healthy, and fit, and watch your body work wonders for you.

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